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Karma, place for love and unique dining.

Breakfast and Brunch from 8:30am,  Lunch and dinner 11:30am till 11:30pm 


Breakfast and Brunch

Just Happiness

Greek yogurt with Buckwheat flakes, homemade Granola, seasonal fresh fruits, goji berry, bee pollen and Greek honey from local producer.

Speak the Truth
Open sandwiche from toasted multigrain chia and quinoa bread with avocando, Greek fresh anthotyro cheese, boiled local bio Eggs caramelized walnuts, goji berry and bee pollen, served with side green salad and honey mustard sauce on the top.

High Vibrations
Almond or coconut milk with crunchy muesli, chia seeds, flaxseed coffee, lingonberries and bio coconut sugar.

Count Your Blessings
Goat Greek yogurt with bran stick, oat flakes, bio cranberry and pumpkin seeds.

Bio jam and butter
2 slices toasted multigrain chia
and quinoa bread


Fresh Daily Homemade Dessert Available at Bar


 Lunch and dinner



Salad with marinated pears and candied walnuts 11.80
An extraordinary combination of spinach, marinate pears, bee pollen, caramelized nuts and fresh anthotyro cheese that will tantalize your taste buds and cool you on a hot summer’s day.

Gorgeous Greek salad 8.40
Prepared the classic way; with juicy tomatoes, Kalamata olives and crumbly feta.
The key to this beautifully authentic Greek salad is bold flavors from fresh ingredients.

Aromatic salad 11.80
With Santorini sundried tomatoes and gratinated goats’ cheese. The fresh seasonal herbs and leaves (arugula, lettuce, lola, stamnagathi, Swiss chard, fresh coriander and cardamom) play a leading role in this fragrant green salad


Smoky eggplant dip 6,60 

With caramelized Santorini cherry tomatoes.

Tzatziki with walnuts 4,50

Tirokafteri 6,10
Feta cheese mashed with a bit of olive oil and a hot pepper.

three dip combination 10.70
An ambrosial combination of taste and color, smoky eggplant, tyrokafteri and tzatziki served with bread sticks.

Basket of homemade bread 2,90
White and whole meal.

Fried Feta with Honey and Sesame Seeds 8.70

A mouth-watering veggie dish that boasts an extraordinary combination of juicy, salty feta that has been fried and covered with crisp, golden-brown sesame seeds, and drizzled with a sweet honey sauce.

chickpea stew
A simple and rustic vegetarian stew made from chickpeas and onions, cooked gently for 5 hours in a lidded clay pot, a specialty from the island of Sifnos.

Cretan Ntakos
A delicious vegetarian dish of traditional Cretan rusks with tomatoes and feta cheese from the gorgeous island of Crete, perfect for a light dinner. The secret to our perfect ntakos is the fresh, organic tomatoes on the vine. These juicy bites are garnished with an excellent quality virgin olive oil, which finishes them off to perfection.

Fava with
This is a delicious meze (appetizer) made with yellow split peas or lentils.
Santorini Island is known for growing the best yellow peas in Greece. The soil (which has a volcanic origin), the intense sunshine and the scarcity of water are responsible for the original Santorini Fava.

in wine vinegar
Olive oil and garlic is one of Greece’s favorite dishes and the ultimate snack accompanying ouzo, raki or white wine is served with a Santorini cherry tomato on a slice of hot garlic bread.

with feta dip
Fried tomato balls using Santorini’s local cherry tomatoes, which are renowned for their amazing texture, due to the volcanic nature of the soil, which is full of minerals and nutrients. It is no surprise that the locals cherish their locally-produced tomatoes, making the


Main Courses.

chicken fillet
That are crisp on the outside and juicy inside. These feature the fresh combination of lemon juice, garlic, honey and olive oil that is so prevalent in Greek cuisine served with hot garlic bread.

Mastelo lamb
from the island of
Mastelo is maybe the most tempting plate from the Cycladic islands, traditionally is cooked for the celebration of Easter in Sifnos, lamb marinated in red wine, garlic and fresh thyme then slowly roasted on a grid made of vineyards in a sealed clay pot for 6 hours, served with a delectable mashed sweet potato.

Served with home made fresh pasta. Delicious little kebabs of ground minced beef, which are lightly fried before being bathed in red wine with herbs and tomato sauce, cooked to perfection in the traditional Smyrni style.
Soutzoukakia was once considered to be an aphrodisiac, usually cooked as a special treat for the groom on his wedding day, or at engagement parties.

legendary Greek
Silky ground beef stew is layered between roast eggplant and fried potatoes, topped with a creamy béchamel sauce before being baked to perfection .

Skordomakarona Santorinis
Heavenly garlic home made fresh pasta with Santorini’s local cherry tomatoes and fresh basil from our garden. For those wanting an extra kick, add fresh red chili and parmesan cheese.

Tomatoes and peppers stuffed with a delightful mix of rice and herbs, accompanied by roast po- tatoes, a slice of feta cheese, and extra virgin olive oil. This is one of the tastiest and most colorful plates in Greece cuisine.

Sufiko Ikarias
Seasoned vegetables, pumpkin, potato, eggplant, carrots ... cooked in a delightful unique way. The island of Ikaria is well known all over the world for the longevity of its inhabitants, no wonder why Soufiko is the most widespread dish on the island, layered caramelized summer veggies melded together with a copious amount of olive oil, The secret to melding the flavors is keeping it at a long, slow simmer as the vegetables cook in the olive oil and their juices.


Garides kataifi

Delicious grilled shrimps wrapped in crisp filo strands (kataifi), drizzled with Santorini cherry tomato sauce and topped with feta cheese.

Fresh gilt-head sea bream is a must for fish lovers. It is grilled to create a crisp skin and a succulent flesh, served with a delectable caper vinaigrette sauce and a beetroot salad with rice.


Apple Pie
The perfect combination of our handmade pastry with fresh Greek butter and the sweet- sour taste of the caramelized crispy green apple will challenge you... to the ultimate delicious balance.

honey baklava with
mastiha ice crean
With Mastiha ice-cream, this Greek classic is a heady combination of nuts, honey, citrus and spices, sandwiched between crispy filo layers.

chocolate pie with
vanilla ice cream
The Greek response to the French soufflé, this fluffy whipped chocolate and cream sensation is a sweet treat that will seduce your senses.


With local fresh roasted hand crafted coffee
Fresh Crop Only. Small Batch Roasting.
Dynamic Profiling. Protective Environment.
No Stock Policy. Fast Precision Roasting.
Double Espresso, Hot
Double Espresso on Rocks, Iced
Americano, Iced/ Hot
Espresso Freddo, Iced
Cappuccino Freddo, Iced
Cappuccino, Hot
Latte, Iced/ Hot
Karma Spicy Coffee, Iced/ Hot
With homemade spices syrup.
* Go Dairy Free! (optional without milk)
Orange Coffee, Iced/ Hot
Double espresso with homemade clove
orange rum.
Cold Drip Coffee, Iced
Daily limited.
Greek Coffee, Hot
Local roasted and finely ground coffee
beans are boiled in a pot (usually with
sugar) and served in a cup, allowing the
grounds to settle at the bottom.
Change to coconut or
almond milk
* Decaf coffee on request.

Cocoa Milk, Iced/ Hot
Coconut / Almond Milk
Iced/ Hot
Fresh Summer
Homemade Ginger Soda
Homemade Ginger Syrup with Fresh
Karma Soda
Fresh Mint, Cucumber, Lemon, with
Homemade Ginger Syrup.
Mineral water - 1L glass bottle
Vikos - 0,33 L Sparkling water
Vikos - 1 L Sparkling water
Carrot Apple Ginger Juice
Orange Juice
Seasonal Mixed Juice
Fresh Ginger Lemon Tea
Fresh Mint Tea
Loose Green Tea from Mount Olympus
Greek Mountains Herbs Tea

Infused Fruit
Homemade brewed flavoured liquors are
made from fresh Greek bio seasonal fruits
or local quilty goods infused for more
than one month. It’s all natural ingredients
without any additional flavored.
We recommend to serve with sparkling
water or just drink pure in a shot.

Fresh Bio Pear Stolichnaya
Vodka shot or with ice, sweet
Clove Bio Orange Bacardi
Rum shot or with ice, sweet
Fresh Chilli Jose Cuervo
Especial Silver shot or with ice, spicy
Fresh Bio Cucumber
Hendrick’s Gin shot or with ice
Roasted Walnut Johnny
Walker Whisky shot or with ice
Honey Ginger Lemon
Bacardi Rum shot or with ice
With sparkling water

Yellow Donkey
Santorini beer
Alpha 0.33l
Volcan Santorini Beer 0.33l
Mythos 0.33l

Long drinks
Whiskey special
Metaxa 12 star
Metaxa 7 star