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Think positive, say nice things, do good for others, eat healthy food and tasty.

Everything comes back .



Love is to see beauty in simplicity, revealing quintessence through the complexity of things. It is the union of opposites, with respect and acceptance. Where differences are embraced, the fruit of love is born.


This is the basis on which the menu of Karma Restaurant was designed. After seven years on a journey of tastes from around the world, we have the experience to showcase traditional home-made Greek cuisine. Thirty exquisite dishes, based on recipes from Aegean islands, are waiting for you to whisper their secrets and the love with which they were created, and to enjoy a unique dining experience.                        


Welcome to Karma Restaurant




8:00am for Breakfast and Brunch,  lunch  dinner start from 11:30-23:30pm 



Thus, I speak for you and me

Because I love you and in love I know

How to enter like the Full Moon


The Monogram      

Odysseus Elytis 

Karma Greek Restaurant
Best romantic restaurant